Lead like a gardener to drive high-performing teams.

There is a prevailing conception of the traditional leader: a heroic military general devising grand strategies or a masterful CEO who knows every nook and cranny of his business. We expect leaders to be chess masters, seeing the whole board, expertly moving pieces around, and making every single decision.

However, the world has changed. Speed, interdependence, and complexity have bombarded our senior leaders with an onslaught of data to understand, facts to master, and decisions to make. For leaders of complex organization, it is simply too much for one individual to handle. Leaders no longer have the mental capacity or the bandwith to sift through all the information, understand incredibly complex situations, and make decisions on their own. Even if they did, the world moves too quickly— the lone leader making every decision would swiftly get left behind, serving as a bottleneck that choked the effectiveness of the organization.

The fact of the matter is that leaders are now more important than ever, but in a different way.

Instead of directing chess pieces around the board and mulling over every single decision, leaders instead should act as gardeners— tending the environment, shaping the ecosystem, growing the organization that can adapt and win.

Our studies and experiences have shown that leadership is now less about giving top-down orders and more about cultivating those who follow you, empowering them to make the right decisions, and enabling your organization to move at the speed of your environment.

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