Gain insights into your organization’s internal networks.

Our network analytics and assessment offering is based on the premise that traditional, hierarchical org charts do not adequately capture how organizations actually function in the 21st century.

Due to advances in technology and increased interconnectivity, successful organizations operate much more like networks, connecting different groups to create a powerful team that is more than the sum of its parts.

Through our assessment and analysis of your organization, we can help you map out communication flows and pathways of influence, visualizing how your company operates outside of the line-and-block chart. Just as you would examine how your supply chain operates, our process provides critical information for you to track the human “pulse” of your operations to make data-driven decisions regarding your people, teams, and strategies.

Our custom-tailored offering allows you to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement at the enterprise level, highlighting influencers, chokepoints, and patterns. These actionable insights enable your business to function most effectively in today’s dynamic environment.

Read more about the inspiration behind this offering, our unique approach, and the specific solutions we provide below.