Innovate as a team of teams.

Technology companies face an unprecedented rate of change, challenging both established firms and startups alike. Disruption, speed, and innovation are the hallmarks of this cutting edge industry, where the competition for capital, talent, and the next big idea is intense.

Established leaders are constantly challenged to maintain innovation, as leaders are fearful of the next startup with a handful of employees that is able to build and compete with technology field leaders seemingly overnight. Conversely, as a former technology startup matures, maintaining the innovative culture that made it great while achieving scalable, recurring growth often becomes increasingly challenging.


We’ve worked with a range of clients in the technology sector, from major hardware suppliers to leading software providers, from Fortune 500 companies to growing, scaling startups.

For the established technology company, our operating solutions break down the barriers that impede cross-functional collaboration, increasing connectivity and enabling innovation at scale. Our leadership solutions connect globally dispersed teams to reinvigorate culture and improve performance.

For the ambitious startup, our team of teams approach provides a framework to scale smartly, retaining the magic of small teams while growing into a more mature organization that is sustainable for years to come.

We’ve worked to successfully integrate product lines at some of the world’s largest technology companies, designing and implementing operating models to achieve the necessary levels of cross-functional communication. We have also implemented major leadership development programs, in one case spearheading a multiyear global culture change initiative for a leading technology manufacturer.