Streamline supply chains, enter markets, and retain customers by building a team of teams.

Rapidly changing demands, increasing competition, supply chain disruptions, and the newfound platform of the consumer are combining to create an increasingly unpredictable and pressure-filled environment for the consumer goods company.

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Through the advances of technology and connectivity, consumers now have more of a voice than ever in the development of the products they seek and the strategies of the companies that make them. Strategic initiatives can turn into social media landmines in the space of a few hours, with costly effects.

Furthermore, increasingly complex supply chains, typically outsourced around the globe, are now vulnerable to threats and disruptions that have unknown second and third-order effects. Globally dispersed teams struggle to bridge the barriers to the collaboration and communication that are so necessary to produce and ship product on a global scale.

The combination of changed consumer habits, vulnerable supply chains, and an increasing need for cross-functional collaboration is a fundamental change that has put executive teams on high alert. Missing product targets or losing market share to the competition are simply unaffordable mistakes in today’s environment.

From our work with leading consumer goods companies, we have experience solving for industry issues. We’ve helped leading brands overhaul their internal operating cadence to improve cross-functional communication, enabling alignment and execution of strategy that reduced costs and improved outcomes. Our results include increased profit margins, streamlined supply chains, successful entrance into new markets, and improved consumer understanding.

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