Mike LeFever

Mike LeFever

Mike LeFever is a highly decorated retired three-star admiral who is widely recognized for his expertise in diplomacy, cross-functional coordination, relief efforts, strategic operational planning, and counterterrorism. A well-respected leader with almost four decades in uniform, LeFever worked tirelessly to build and promote lasting partnerships between the US and many of its key allies and coalition partners.

Throughout his career, LeFever served in Navy and Joint leadership positions at every level. He has led disaster relief and humanitarian efforts, the full spectrum of warfare operations, and counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations. Renowned for his effectiveness in cross-cultural and international environments, his leadership was directly responsible for numerous significant achievements that protected and enhanced the national security of the United States.

Since retiring, LeFever has worked as a Senior Advisor at McChrystal Group, where he serves as a mentor, speaker, and advisor working with senior executives across multi-national companies on leadership, strategy, and change management issues.

Vice-Admiral LeFever’s vision, leadership, and unwavering dedication to duty, coupled with his highly successful ability to work across international and interagency boundaries, commanding a team of teams of diverse agencies and forces, makes him a uniquely inspiring figure for organizations and leadership teams struggling to navigate today’s complex world.


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